5 Best Crypto Leverage Trading Platform

best crypto leverage platform

Trading cryptos with good leverage makes a lot of financial sense and especially if the leverage is flexible and at its highest. If you want to make good returns trading cryptos and other digital assets, then you must be willing to work with a trading platform that offers good leverage.

Before we check out the best crypto leverage trading platforms, let’s first understand what leverage in the crypto sphere is.

What is leverage in crypto trading?

Leverage is a trading tool that allows you to control larger positions than what you have deposited in your account. If you are, for example, using a platform offering 100× leverage, you can open positions worth $10000 with a deposit of just $100.

In addition to the large control and exposure, leverage multiplies the profit you would make trading certain crypto. From the example above, it means that you will get 100% on your investment instead of just 1%.

Where to trade crypto with leverage

5 best crypto leverage trading platforms

Here are 5 best crypto leverage trading platforms:

Binance—Leverage up to 125×

Binance is a leading crypto trading platform with maximum trading volume and out-of-the-box trading products such as through staking and interest accounts. This platform is excellent in the way it supports Binance Altcoin exchange, works with fiat money transfers and guarantees users privacy and safety.

The most perking feature of this platform is that it offers three trading options:

  • Altcoin trading
  • Bitcoin and Altcoin margin trading
  • Crypto futures

Generally, trading starts at 20× leverage, but it can stretch up to 125×. This platform’s leverage for Crypto futures is also high and is applicable for a wide range of Altcoins like ADA.

Bybit—Leverage up to 100×

Bybit is one of the fastest-growing crypto platforms and a favourite for both novice and seasoned traders. This platform offers leverage up to 100×, one of the best deals in the crypto sphere. Bybit accepts margins trading for BTC, XRP, ETH, EOS and USDT.

Other merits of using Bybit include:

  • Lowest trading fees
  • Up to $90 of free joining bonus
  • An easy to use  platform even for novice crypto-traders
  • Multi-lingual 24/7 customer support


BitMex—Leverage: up to 100×

Despite BitMex being a relatively new crypto trading platform, it has gained a lot of support from traders worldwide thanks to its clear goal of revolutionizing crypto trading.

Here, you just need your email to get started and you will enjoy margin trading for 6 cryptos, with Bitcoin being the most popular. Here is a breakdown of the top of the pack leverage offered for different cryptos on this platform:

  •  Bitcoin- 100×
  • Bitcoin Cash- 20×
  • Ethereum- 50×
  • Litecoin- 33.33×
  • Cardano- 20×
  • Ripple- 20×

PrimeXBT—Leverage up to 100×

If you are looking for a platform that you can trade a vast range of assets, including cryptocurrencies, PrimeXBT is the to-go-for option. With this platform, you get to trade over 30 trading assets along with the major cryptos.

No KYC verification is needed here as the platform only accepts BTC as the payment method.

Having been in this industry for 5 years, the team here has definitely mastered even the finest details regarding offering the best leverage crypto and assets trading services. Striking a deal with this platform is one of the sound decisions you can make to boost your trading returns.

 Kraken—Leverage up to 5×

Kraken is the USA’s best cryptocurrency exchange and a platform worth giving a shot if you want to run margin and leverage trading.

You only need your email address to register with this platform. After KYC verification, which takes less than a week, you will start trading cryptos. Kraken accepts the use of fiat currency such as USD, EUR, CAD and GBP. On Kraken, you can run margin trading with 6 cryptos and 16 different pairs.

Leverage trading security tips

• Always keep your money safe- A platform offering leverage and margin trading usually have a lot of money under its control, meaning that confusion in the transactions can always arise. To respond to this, only load your digital or fiat money when you want to trade and cash it out immediately you are done.

• Use extra security features provided- Good crypto trading platforms will always offer additional security features such as 2-FA authentication. Always take advantage of such features to ensure that your information is safe.


Today, there is no better way to quickly multiply your money than trading cryptos. If you use any of the platforms discussed above, you will have been saved from the hustle of searching for good leverage terms. Take advantage of the decent leverage these platforms offer, improve your crypto trades and you will achieve the financial goals you have wished to accomplish in an accelerated manner. All the best!

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