XM Broker Review: Is XM a Good Broker?

Xm is a Forex broker founded in 2009 by a parent company known as Trading Point Holding. XM operates globally and is regulated by top licensing authorities in the Forex trading arena. Opening an account is easy and fast (can be done on their official website) and they are known for offering great educational tools that attract new users each and every day. The XM portfolio has two main products: Forex and CDFs of fast-moving global financial markets.

In this guide, we will look at the main factors you should consider when selecting a Forex and related commodities broker. We will also explore what XM offers, basing our discussion on these factors.

Details Information
Minimum Deposit $5
Payment Methods Bank transfer, Card Payment, Neteller, Skrill and Crypto
Leverage MT4  1:500 | MT5 account 1:200 |crypto 1:2,| metals and indices  1:200| energies 1:5
Account types Zero accounts- $100| Ultra-low accounts-$50| Standard- $5 | Micro accounts-$5
Rating 4.7/5
Security/Regulation Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd, Cypress

Trading Point MENA Limited, Dubai

Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd, Australia

Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited, UK


Minimum Deposit

For standard and Micro accounts, the minimum deposits are $5, while for ultra-low and Zero accounts, you will be required to deposit $50 and $100, respectively.


Check if the broker you want to pick offers leverage options that match your trading needs and that the leverage is flexible enough for you to invest absolutely any amount.

Regardless of the account type you have with this XM broker, you are entitled to leverage ranging from 1:30 to 1:888 under the XM regulatory obligations.

Account Types

It would help if you chose a broker that offers various account types and trading styles as this means that you will have better chances of making your trades profitable.

XM offers 4 account types, all allowing up to 200 open/ pending positions per client. These are the primary account types with their minimum deposit amounts:

  • Zero accounts- $100
  • Ultra-low accounts-$50
  • Standard- $5
  • Micro accounts- $5

For the Micro accounts, 1 lot is 1000 units, but for the other three accounts, 1 lot is 100,000 of the chosen base units.

Withdrawal & Deposits

A good Forex broker will allow you to deposit and withdraw from your account without so much hustle. You should not also have a hard time accessing your profits in a reliable trading broker’s platform.

XM offers fast digital and globally accepted withdrawal/deposit platforms, including Neteller and Western Union. Bank wires/ transfers and credit cards are also accepted in XM. The deposit and withdrawals in XM have zero fees and this is pleasant for an investor looking to maximize profits. Note that for regulatory purposes, the withdrawals are returned to the corresponding deposit account.


A good Forex broker should be sufficiently licensed and regulated by recognized Forex authorities and agencies. It would also help if you went for a broker that runs their infrastructure under strict security measures.

XM has numerous brands regulated under highly recognized licenses. The main ones are:

  •  Trading Point of Financial Instruments Ltd, Cypress
  • Trading Point MENA Limited, Dubai.
  • Trading Point of Financial Instruments Pty Ltd, Australia.
  • Trading Point of Financial Instruments UK Limited, UK

XM is regulated by two tier-1 and one tier-2 jurisdiction meaning that it is a safe broker and good for Forex trading.


Bonus and promotions are what will increase your trading returns and hence you should go for a trading broker that offers a variety of those.

To help increase the speed of trades, XM offers a free Virtual Private Server (VPS). In addition to this, the fee-free deposit/withdrawals are also part of the bonus and promotions you get when you trade with XM. The regulations do not allow for deposit-related bonuses in XM.


Here, it would be best if you went for a trading broker that fills you at the best price for your orders. Remember that any form of delay in the filling process may make it very hard for you to win a trade.

XM offers 100% execution, with close to 99.35% of their orders filled within 1 second.

Trading Platform

Most online Forex trade activities occur via a trading platform and you must look for a broker with a stable and user-friendly platform.

XM offers MetaTrade4 and MetaTrade5 trading platforms just what you need when looking for broad investing opportunities, limitless technical indicators, various chart types and user/mobile-friendly apps.

Transaction Cost

Here, it is needless to say that you need to go for a broker with significantly reduced transaction costs. Keep in mind that sometimes you have to sacrifice low transaction costs for a more reliable broker.

XM operates on variable spreads that are lower than fixed spreads. This broker also offers an option of choosing between fixed spreads and commission charges. The CFD costs are relatively low and there are no additional costs.

Customer Service

Customer services should be excellent as this what dictates the kind of experience you will have in the trading broker’s platform.

To enhance their top-of-the-pack customer services, XM also provides a wide range of educational materials to users. In fact, it is one of the few brokers that host webinars for newcomers and seasoned traders who need a refresher. Their great team of instructors is always ready to take you through even the finest details of Forex and commodities trading. What’s more, they also have nicely published research and technical analysis.


XM Group is arguably one of the best Forex brokers you can use when you want to run highly profitable trades. The most perking feature of this broker is its exceptional customer services that are very crucial for novice traders and premium analysis tools that are vital for experienced traders. Generally speaking, every investor is accommodated in XM and there is no reason why you should not give it a try today.


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